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Virtual Group

Connect with peers to talk the latest data.

Join The GroupBy Virtual Group

Connect with peers to talk the latest data.

Wish you could connect with other data professionals more easily?

We believe the GroupBy community can grow stronger all year long

At GroupBy, we make it our mission to bring data professionals together for free, accessible training. Anyone can present and anyone can attend-because there shouldn’t be barrier to being part of the data community.

This is why we’re launching a Slack community of virtual groups where you can connect and share ideas all year long. Here’s what you can do once you join The GroupBy Virtual Group:

Join Slack Channels specific to you area of interest with other peers

Chat and connect with data professionals around the world

Attend live events led by the community and GroupBy Organizing Community

Upcoming Events

We have some amazing virtual events coming up – Join our Virtual Group so you won’t miss out:

Virtual Group Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we’re able to keep expanding GroupBy beyond our twice-yearly conferences.

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GroupBy Virtual Groups is on slack

Our slack channel is where you’ll find our virtual groups upcoming events, ask for help on whatever you’re working on, and stay in-the-loop on all things GroupBy community! 

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