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Introducing GroupBy Tracks and Selected Speakers

When we adopted GroupBy, we promised each other we would work hard to maintain the spirit of what GroupBy was founded to be:

  • A safe and accessible place to develop speaker talent
  • A conference where the community picks the topics

Not everyone can travel to user group meetings and SQL Saturday events (well, no one can right now, but that’s beside the point). New speakers need their community to make space for them to try things out, make mistakes, and receive constructive feedback.

We realized this year that our two guiding principles may conflict with each other if the rockstars of our community all submit sessions, how can we develop new speakers?

That indeed happen. Look at this incredible line up!

The top 5 speakers in Americas:The Top 5 speakers in Europe
Brent OzarKoen Verbeeck
Erik DarlingKendra Little
Grant FritcheyAndy Yun
Julie KoesmarnoJess Pomfret
Jean JosephGuy Glantser


I’m sorry, am I at the PASS Conference? Pinch me! We were so excited to see so much top talent come together and offer their expertise, for free no less. How could you not vote for these folks? However, this inherently presented a problem – we want a more diverse speaker group. In my first GroupBy, I had the pleasure of speaking right before Steph Locke; the first time Eugene presented, it was right alongside Brent Ozar. It was an incredible experience for both of us. We want that for more people.

So we went ahead and opened another track.

That’s right. This year’s GroupBy conference will have 2 congruent tracks over two days. Surprise!

We’ve created a Performance track and an Analytics/Automation track for the European day and a DBA and Performance track for the Americas. Here’s the line-up:

Europe – May 12
10:00 UTCKoen Verbeeck: The modern Cloud Data Warehouse – Snowflake on AzureGuy Glantser: SQL Server Setup Best Practices
11:30 UTCJess Pomfret: Life Hacks: dbatools editionHugo Kornelis: Execution plans … where do I start? 11
Magnus Ahlkvist: My romantic relation with Powershell generally and DBATools especiallyAndrew Pruski: SQL Server and Kubernetes
14:30 UTCRob Sewell: Jupyter Notebooks for the none-Data ScientistKendra Little: Index Tuning Across Dev and DBA Silos
16:00 UTCEd Elliott: Testing your ETL pipelines: test when writing test when deploying and test when runningAndy Yun: Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance
 Americas – May 13 
Database AdministrationDevelopment
15:00 UTCArgenis Fernandez: SQL Server Virtualization and I/O PatternsMonica Rathbun: Performance Tuning, Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
16:30 UTCMatt Gordon: Turn Runbooks into Notebooks: Handling Maintenance and Emergencies with Azure Data StudioJean Joseph: How to troubleshoot database performance issues
Keynote on Performance track*Brent Ozar: Dynamic SQL: Pro Tips for Building and Tuning It
19:30 UTCGrant Fritchey: Learn to Effectively Use Extended EventsJulie Koesmarno: Notebooks 101 for SQL People
21:00 UTCMike Byrd: A Self-Tuning Fill Factor Technique for SQL ServerEdwin M Sarmiento: What SQL Server DBAs Need to Know About Docker Containers
22:30 UTCErik Darling: Better Troubleshooting Through Extended EventsErik Darling to close out GroupBy on Database Administration track

We are undoubtedly thrilled to see so much good content. We’ll be using zoom webinars again and trying out some of the great features to get people engaged. I’ll post more information on that as it takes shape. We’ve also given speakers 90 minutes to get really deep into their content. That was a direct request from most of the European speakers out of last October’s event. We’re testing that out, and we’re curious what you think.

Like always, this content will be edited, transcribed and posted for free on the GroupBy’s Youtube channel. The speaker will be fully credited and get all the SEO linkbacks to their blog/websites.

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year. We can’t thank you enough for making GroupBy what it is.



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