You are currently viewing GroupBy is now accepting sponsors!

GroupBy is now accepting sponsors!

Do you love the data community? Do you want throw your support behind a great community event (and get some sweet perks)? Then this announcement is for you!

We are so excited to announce that GroupBy is looking for conference sponsors from the SQL Server Community.

GroupBy is run by a small group of SQL Family volunteers—Aaron Nelson, Daniel Hutmacher, Eugene Meidinger and Blythe Morrow. We’re looking to expand the conference past the digital event and add more programming for Speaker Mentorship and virtual groups, so we’re looking at you all to help us make it happen.

Our current sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

Core Sponsor

Running GroupBy isn’t free. Right now it’s pretty inexpensive, but the costs grow with every program we add. Your core support will help us pay for the web hosting, meeting software, email marketing and other core assets we need to make this run. In return we offer:

  • A shout out on our Home Page
  • Logo on all email coordination
  • Logo on all program assets
  • Social Amplification
  • Your link on all our Youtube videos (for sweet SEO backlink goodness)
  • A lunchtime session guaranteed
  • Your logo on our event slide deck

Media Sponsor

All GroupBy sessions are posted for free on Youtube and they will forever. But recording, editing and uploading these videos take time and resources. But they’re visited 5000+ times every month, and have 5000 subscribers. People love the recordings and we want to continue to offer them for free. In return for your sponsor, we offer:

  • A shout out on our website – your logo on our home page
  • Social Amplification
  • A professionally produced 10 second commercial on all GroupBy videos for our 2021 event

Virtual Group Sponsor

We want to create groups of SQL folks to talk about certain topics – like a virtual chapter – or to come together to work on an open source project. Your sponsor dollars will go directly to helping these programs run with coordination and facilitation support. In return we offer:

  • A shout out on our Virtual Group page
  • Logo on all of our coordination emails
  • Logo on all program assets
  • A shout out on our website
  • Social Amplification
  • A lunchtime session at one of the GroupBy events this year (we have two)

Speaker Development Sponsor

Passionate of creating the next class of diverse, world-class technical speakers? Us too. By sponsoring the speaker development program, we can facilitate more collaboration between the expert speakers and their protégées . In return we offer

  • Logo on all program assets
  • Logo on all of our coordination emails
  • A shout out on our website
  • Social Amplification on twitter and LinkedIn
  • A lunchtime session guaranteed

Why Sponsor us?

In organizing this event, we’re carrying the torch from Brent who started the event back in 2015—and having a pretty great time doing so. As a result of this work, we’ve had a huge amount of organic success.

There are really two pieces to the event—the first is the live virtual conference. It runs for 9 hours, has 8 sessions and attendees can come in and out as their session preferences dictate. It’s free-flowing and we like the unstructured framework. That won’t change this May.

The numbers don’t lie here:

  • Our session recordings have been viewed 325,000+ times
  • People visit 2,000+ times a month on average—with even more traffic during events!
  • We have 5,000 YouTube subscribers and 3,000 email subscribers
  • Attendee numbers range from 300-500+ on the day of the conference
  • We’re 100% sure we have the best community members, like, ever!

This is all amazing news for GroupBy, however, developing all of this professionally produced content is expensive.

But we want to do even more! Your involvement as a sponsor can really make all the difference here.

Have questions—or ready to be a sponsor? Email for more information on each of these tiers, or if you have any questions!

Have something else in mind?

We’re pretty open to doing things a little differently. If you have an idea for sponsorship that doesn’t fit the above, just shoot us an email about your ideas.

There is no deadline for sponsorship, but the earlier you clinch your sponsor status, the more exposure we’ll be able to give you in the run up to the event!