June GroupBy Intermission Recordings are Online

Wanna hear the presenters talk shop? Here’s the intermissions from this month:

James Anderson, Rob Sewell, Andrew Prust, Bert Wagner, and Brent Ozar talk about why Microsoft might want to run SQL Server on Linux, presentation disasters, the DBAtools and DBAreports open source projects. At 42 minutes in, Drew Furgiuele joins and shows the High Altitude SQL Server Project’s balloon gear:

Discussing database devops, being on-call, currency exchange, car crash videos, and what it’s like being a Stack Overflow moderator with James Anderson, Bert Wagner, Daniel Hutmacher, Aaron Bertrand, and Brent Ozar:

Rob Sewell, Bert Wagner, Drew Furgiuele, and Brent Ozar talk about the SQLbits costume party, the ham radio gear in the High Altitude SQL Server Project, how they’ll calculate where the balloon will land, Bert’s car mechanic hobby, and Brent’s extremely bad taste in cars:

We talk about our guilty pleasures, Pinal Dave explains the Indian McDonald’s vegetarian menu, and Andrea Allred shows up in full princess garb:

Alex Yates and Adam Machanic debate about testing databases through the app rather than database unit testing, and then Andrea Allred, Pinal Dave, Drew Furguiele, and Richie Rump talk about princesses:

Cody Konior and Aaron Nelson talk about Jojoba and the PowerShell gallery:

Wanna hang out and chat with the presenters? Registration for September’s live sessions is open now.

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