You are currently viewing Meet your selected Speakers! GroupBy Tracks announced, registration open.

Meet your selected Speakers! GroupBy Tracks announced, registration open.

Not everyone can travel to user group meetings and SQL Saturday events (well, no one can right now, but that’s beside the point). New speakers need their community to make space for them to try things out, make mistakes, and receive constructive feedback.

We realized this year that our two guiding principles may conflict with each other if the rockstars of our community all submit sessions, how can we develop new speakers?

Thanks to our Junior Speaker program, and that indeed did happen.

There will be two concurrent tracks for both GroupBy Americas and GroupBy Europe as we had done in our last event. They are as follows:

GroupBy Americas – October 27 – Database Administration Track

13:30 UTCManaging SQL Server the easy way with dbatools
— Daniel Suarez
15:00 UTCHigh Availability/Disaster Recovery 101
— Glenn Berry
16:30 UTCGetting Started with PowerShell for DBAs
— Harry Chandra
18:00 UTCKeynote with Vicky Harp
19:30 UTCHarness PowerShell to manage SQL Server
— Garry Bargsley
21:00 UTCTop 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2020
— Gethyn Ellis
22:30 UTCFree Pizza & Beer… And Other Mistakes
— Andy Mallon

GroupBy Americas – October 27 – Database Development Track

13:30 UTCA Practical Starter Guide to SQL Notebooks
— Deborah Melkin
15:00 UTC6 Query Tuning Techniques to Solve 75%
of Performance Problems
— Amit Bansal
16:30 UTCAdvanced Plan Explorer Usage
for Tuning Execution Plans
— Andy Yun
18:00 UTCKeynote with Vicky Harp
19:30 UTCAdvanced data security
(from 2016 to 2019 new features)
— Ronen Ariely
21:00 UTCUnderstanding Statistics in SQL Server
— Deepthi Goguri
22:30 UTCFree Pizza & Beer… And Other Mistakes
— Andy Mallon

GroupBy Europe – October 28 – Database Administration Track

11:00 UTCAzure SQL Database Administration
for the on-prem DBA
— Ahmad Osama
12:30 UTCWorking with Very Large Tables
Like a Pro in SQL Server 2019
— Guy Glantser
14:00 UTCdbatools’ recipes for
Data Professionals
— Cláudio Silva
15:30 UTCMonitoring and Troubleshooting
SQL Server environments
using Free community tools
— Javier Villegas
17:00 UTCBaking Extended Events
recipes without breaking a sweat
— Gianluca Sartori

GroupBy Europe – October 28 – Database Dev & BI Track

11:00 UTCA Complete Introduction to
Azure Data Factory
— Paul Andrew
12:30 UTCFrom XL to S – Reduce your
Power BI model size by 90%!
— Nikola Ilic
14:00 UTCAzure SQL: What to use when
— Anna Hoffman
15:30 UTCA full intro to Azure Devops
projects in 60 minutes or less
— Kevin Chant, Sander Stad
17:00 UTCAdvanced data types – JSON
— Damir Matešić

We are undoubtedly thrilled to see so much good content. We’ll be using zoom webinars again and trying out some of the great features to get people engaged. I’ll post more information on that as it takes shape. We’ve also given speakers 90 minutes to get really deep into their content. That was a direct request from most of the European speakers out of last October’s event. We’re testing that out, and we’re curious what you think.

Like always, this content will be edited and posted for free on the GroupBy’s Youtube channel.

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year. We can’t thank you enough for making GroupBy what it is.

Ready to register? Do so below!


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