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GroupBy is looking for a Podcast Sponsor!

As you may have heard, GroupBy is now run by a small group of SQL Family volunteers – Aaron Nelson, Daniel Hutmacher and Blythe Morrow. We’re having a pretty great time making this event happen and carrying the torch from Brent who started the event back in 2015.

There are really two pieces to the event – the first is the live virtual conference. It runs for 9 hours, has 8 sessions and attendees can come in and out as their session preferences dictates. It’s free-flowing and we like the unstructured framework. That won’t change this April.

The other part of the event is more involved. Brent is a speaker through-and-through, and when he built GroupBy he understood what speakers were looking for when they gave their time and knowledge to delivering great content for free. We give the 9-hour recording to a professional production company. They clean up the audio, cut the one recording into 8 session chunks, and then professionally transcribe the session. We post that session transcription and the recording on the GroupBy podcast, on our YouTube channel and on our blog. Everything is backlinked to the speaker, so we share in the SEO goodness.

As a result of this work, we’ve had a huge amount of organic success. The number don’t lie here:

  • Our podcasts have been downloaded 86,246 times on iOS and Android. 1300 on Spotify
  • People visit 25,000 times a month – most of that is through organic traffic to our blog
  • We have 2639 monthly YouTube subscribers
  • Attendee numbers range from 180-350 on the day of the conference

This is all amazing news for GroupBy, however, developing all of this professionally produced content is expensive. A human transcribes each recording and edits it for readability, and another human being puts everything in the right sequence to promote a session each week. We make sure every speaker has his/her spotlight on our channels.

So we’d like to open a sponsorship opportunity for an amount of $4000.00 – to cover the costs of this event.

You’ll work with the GroupBy marketing team to create a short, 15 second commercial that will either run at the beginning of the session or in the middle, at a natural break for the listener. We’ll repeat this on our blog and on Youtube – both in the transcription (for SEO and backlinking to your website) and in the recording. We’ll also mention you on our website and shower much praise in our social channels.

You can email for more information about reach and ROI.

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