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Here you can download calendar reminders for GroupBy Americas on May 24 and GroupBy Europe on May 25.

Use this page to switch between session tracks with ease, view our featured live stream in-page, and get access to the SQLslack channel for chatting with speakers and attendees during the live event.

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Groupby: Americas

Live ONLINE May 24

Americas DBA

june, 2024

Americas Automation

june, 2024

Groupby: EUROPE

Live ONLINE May 25

Europe DBA

june, 2024

Europe Query Performance

june, 2024

GroupBy Moderators - October 2020

Meet the volunteers are here to help make this the best GroupBy yet!

Alexander Arvidsson ArcticDBA

Timezone: EUROPE
Alexander is deep in tech. In fact, he is Knee-Deep in Tech - which, incidentally, is the name of his podcast. He makes data matter working as a consultant for Solution Xperts in Sweden.

Cathrine Wilhelmsen Inmeta

Timezone: EUROPE
Cathrine loves data and coding, as well as teaching and sharing knowledge 🙂 She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, speaker, blogger and a chronic community volunteer.

Kendra Little Redgate

Timezone: EUROPE
Kendra Little (she/her) has worked internationally as a teacher and consultant, co-founding Brent Ozar Unlimited, and created the site SQL Workbooks. She joined Redgate as a DevOps Advocate in 2018.

Daniel Hutmacher Structured Concepts

Timezone: EUROPE
Daniel is the GroupBy European connection. Based out of Stockholm Sweden, he runs Structured Concepts with 15 years of SQL Server, DW and ETL experience.

Blythe Morrow Paper Sword B2B

Timezone: AMERICAS
Marketing executive and owner of Paper Sword B2B. We specialize in Microsoft Data Platform and SQL Server Marketing day-to-day, and help organize GroupBy twice a year!

Jeremy Alexander Paper Sword B2B

Timezone: AMERICAS
I work at Paper Sword B2B and am usually the person replying to you via email or on Twitter for GroupBy! This will be my third GroupBy, and I am so excited for the main event on October 27-28.

Eugene Meidinger SQLGene Training LLC

Timezone: AMERICAS
Eugene is a Power BI consultant and Pluralsight author. He focuses on making data simple to understand.


Kathi Kellenberger Redgate

Timezone: AMERICAS
Kathi Kellenberger is a Microsoft MVP, the editor of Simple Talk, and a DevOps Advocate for Redgate Software. She is a frequent speaker and author of several SQL Server books.

Monica Rathbun Denny Cherry & Associates

Timezone: AMERICAS
Monica Rathbun is a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and VMWare vExpert. She has nearly two decades of experience with a wide variety of database platforms.

Tracey Boggiano DocuSign

Timezone: AMERICAS
Tracy is a Database Superhero and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. She has 20+ years in IT and has used SQL Server since 1999. Tracy an organizer of TriPass and co-leader of the PASS DEI Virtual Group.

Mindy Curnutt Curnutt Data Solutions

Timezone: AMERICAS
Mindy Curnutt is a business owner & 4X Microsoft Data Platform MVP involved in the SQL Community for 20+ years. She has been a SME on multiple MS SQL Server Exams and is the co-author of 4 books.

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